You can't have failed to notice that I love printing photos. Whether I'm making prints in the darkroom from negatives, or printing my own personal photos. I think that actually having printed photos is incredible, but increasingly rare in our digital world. Viewing photos on an tablet, phone, computer, tv etc is great, and I'd be the first to admit that I love how technology allows us to do that, but I don't think it can replace physical prints and albums. I encourage all my Brides and Grooms to get an album made from their wedding photos. Whether that is with a third party provider, or with myself, I encourage them to print their photos. Having said that, the albums that I offer, are of exceptional quality, and are all handmade in the UK. The attention to detail from the guys at Folio is amazing, and the albums themselves are stunning. You can see below, a recent set of albums that I delivered.

This post is not to try and get more money in the bank for me, I genuinely believe that printing photos is of the utmost importance, so whether my couples order prints or albums from me, or from another supplier, I don't mind, but please please please don't let you photos live only on your computer.